6 Hacks to Keep those Pesky Pests at Bay

Did you know that pests are breeders of almost 200 harmful diseases? They’re not only annoying but could also pose a serious threat to you and your family. Everyone hates it when you find a roach, ants, moths or disgusting bugs at home. Pests can be a major problem when they infiltrate a commercial establishment or your house. Before these pesky rodents sneak into your house, you must follow these tips to ensure a safe, happy, pest free life


A clean house is a happy house

Make sure to clean your house atleast once a week to avoid dirt which is one of the main reasons for cockroach infiltration. Clean spills with soap and water rather than just wiping it with a rag. Get rid of the trash daily as leaving garbage in your home overnight is an open invitation for rodents and insects to feed on.  The same goes for dirty dishes.  Leaving them unclean and exposed allow access to unwanted pests.

Store food properly

Fruit should be stored in the refrigerator as the natural sugars in them attract fruit flies. Food and beverages which are not stored in properly sealed containers can also be a hazard. Store food in airtight containers when storing it outside the refrigerator

Keep bathrooms nice and dry

Moisture also attracts and breeds so keep kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms clean and dry. Ensure to wipe all splashes and spills as soon as possible and fix leaks immediately.

Keep your pets clean

Use tick and flea protection on pets regularly and brush and bathe them, especially indoor/outdoor pets.

Fix cracked cabinets, baseboards and pipes

Cracked baseboards, cabinets, pipes, ducts, and fittings should all be sealed using caulk or any other appropriate sealant. Check door frames and roof joints for any visible cracks on the exterior surface. You could also call a professional like this to keep your house clean, tidy and pest free

Make sure what you bring home

You will be surprised by how many insects or insect eggs enter your home via a shopping bag filled with fruits, veggies and natural produce. The bags and boxes used to transport these products are prime spots for rodents and eggs and efficient disposal of them is necessary.

Even though following these tips are great head starts, they are not guaranteed to keep all pests away. If you face problems with pests despite following these advices, call a professional like this or this to get your home free of the pests. Alternatively you can check out some professional pest control services  to find one near you.

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