Latest trends in interior designing and finishing

Today’s world as we know is a haven for luxurious and beautiful buildings and homes. No matter if it is an apartment, villa, office space, hotel, or restaurant, we are all seeking for an extraordinary and innovative design to impress and inspire others. Designing interiors is a tricky business. The space must be efficient and cost-effective, but also create a unique and engaging experience. Fortunately, some modern trends are helping them stay nimble with their designs. Here are some trends that will help you plan and execute the best home improvement projects.

Marble: If you’ve noticed Pinterest and interior design magazines, you’ll know that marble is a huge trend this year. Marble is a refined and classy flooring material that performs at its best as your living room, kitchen or bathroom layouts. Marble gives your room a polished and elegant look, transforming it in an easy and effortless way.

Colours and textures inspired by nature: Bringing outdoors inside has become an extraordinary style in 2017. Soft and organic materials such as cane, rattan or abaca have the attribute to create a serene ambience and provide your spaces with a warm feel. According to Pantone’s verdant colour of 2017, The rich and sophisticated green is frequently named the new must-have interior colour of the season. Greenery, seems to be an instant hit for those looking for a revitalizing, back-to-nature hue that brings zest while still managing to work with warm wood tones.

Cement: The cement craze seems to be “cementing” itself as a style element of our generation. No longer relegated to the outdoors, you’ll find cement in homes, restaurants, offices, and just about everywhere. Traditional non-cement features such as floors, countertops, sinks and shelves are now being built and intricately designed by using cement inlaid with wood or other materials. The light and bland colouring of the concrete are broken with pops of colour to create a stunning juxtaposition that stands out as industrial and modern.

Subway tiles: Subway tiles are a classic and versatile tile choice. They work with all sorts of styles and is affordable at any price point. It’s a fantastic choice for any aesthetic, lifestyle, and budget and comes in a variety of colours and finishes.

Dark wood, cork and bright lights: Light brown colors of natural wood are modern and appealing, perfect for small spaces. Dark wood is one of modern interior design trends that gives a touch of luxury to room decorating. Cork is another beautiful material which makes not only beautiful floors but cabinets doors and walls also. Combined with spectacular lighting ideas; wood creates spacious, warm, and comfortable rooms.

Voice activated assistants: There’s been a lot of talk about voice assistants in the home. Amazon’s Alexa, or Google Home’s voice acts as a voice-activated interface for many smart home devices. These devices work through activation phrases like “Alexa” or “OK Google.” The devices, placed throughout your home, are always listening in somewhat of a dormant state. Say the activation phrase, and the device fires up and awaits your command. Ask it to give you the weather, crank up the air conditioning or dim your lights.

If you are also feeling inspired by these artistic interiors, to give your personal living space a modern makeover the Big 5 will point you in the right direction to find professionals, products and services for all your interior needs. The Big 5 the biggest building and construction exhibition in the MENA region that brings together buyers and sellers together from all over the world. Along with Interiors and finishes, the event showcases the future of construction in MEP Services, building envelope and special construction, tools and materials. Mark your calendars! It’s an exhibition you can’t miss.

Then again, your construction needs are not seasonal, so are your interior decoration requirements. For anytime inspiration and guidance, visit expert interior designers and contractors here.


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