Moving in or out of town? Meet the Helping Hands!

UAE being a land of the expatriates, moving in and out of town, both around the corner and across the continents, is a painstaking process that most of us have to go through at some point during our stint here. These guidelines can help you gently breeze through the process.

When you plan to move

  • Settle your lease contract with your landlord.
  • Cancel all your subscriptions, close your accounts and settle all loans.
  • Get an early start with your packing to keep the final moving phase hassle free.
  • Purge before you start packing and purge as you go.
  • Label all your goods and maintain an inventory list.

Research and hire a moving service partner.

Why hire a moving service
Most professional movers offer end to end services that includes pressing, stacking, transporting, GPS tracking, emptying and unloading of your goods, making it risk-free for even the most delicate and valuable items. Moreover, they understand the process and use the safest practices to help people settle into their new homes quickly. So you can just sit back and relax while you tend to more important issues that call for your attention while relocating

How to pick the right service provider

Compare the estimates from multiple ‘Packers and movers’ and choose the one that tops in reputation, service quality, service delivery in your location and meets your budget. It is ideal to hire a service provider who is accredited by reputed bodies like, and IATA.

Think out of the box and box those goodies - Self storage facility

If you are going on a vacation for a few months, downsizing your furniture to make room for new ones or restructuring your workplace, the self-storage facility is the smart, secure and cost-effective storage solution for your goodies. The same applies for those dealing with temporary job assignments and residence concerns. Self-storage is putting your belongings into a secure lockable room that allows free access any time of day, year round. It caters to both individuals and businesses.

Moving in itself is a daunting task, requiring much time, effort and planning. To ensure smooth moving and settling in without tearing your hair out on every single, silly decision, let the experts handle it for you.

Happy moving!

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