Are you Fraught with Frayed Abayas?

Not to worry! I have a great solution for all budgets.
First things first. I have been wearing Abayas since I was 12 years old. Growing up, like any teenage fashionista, I too bought these amazing Abayas never to be worn again. The problem is, like everything in life, look and feel alone is not sufficient. There must be a smooth relation between form and function.
Here’s what I learned about after wasting so much money on the wrong Abayas - Fabric Quality is a critical factor in choosing your Abaya.
I like to keep my abaya simple that can go with any colour hijab I opt to wear that day. Basically, I wear a black abaya with very flowery design to give it some style. You too can make some colour splash in your abaya choices. Seriously, go for it. Have fun. Today, there are so many options in the market. I personally have all the colour abaya possible because I love the range. Colour is so important to setting ones mood. 
Anyway, here are my thoughts on the fabric and their benefits:-  
Lexus – The best fabric for an abaya. It’s Polyester, has a light, elegant and comfortable to wear and soft to touch with a nice drape quality and has a matte finish. It is easy to wash and you can wear it during any seasons.
Internet – Most women in UAE choose this. It is Thick, slightly slippery to touch and has a shiny tone and best used in the winter.
Nidha – It is soft and luxurious. Nidha comes in different quality. It is mostly preferred by Saudi women and best worn during summer seasons. 
Satin –It gives a shine to abaya with soft, slippery satin feel. It’s easy to wash and looks so elegant and rich. Best season to wear it is the spring and summer. 
Chiffon – If you are looking for some style, then chiffon is the right fabric for you. It is lightweight, soft and see-through and is used for making flowy fancy kaftans. It does not add weight to your dress and is best for any season. 
My personal favourites are Nidha, Satin and Lexus. They are each elegant with rich feel and suitable for all seasons, round the year. 
Invest in good abayas with the right fabric. Explore the many colours and let your personality shine through. Your choice of abaya does make a difference in your appearance.  Along with the right choice, it is important to choose from right place. Want to go abaya shopping? Click here for more options of places.
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