They say marriages are made in Heaven; that everyone has someone who is the Jigsaw puzzle that perfectly fits with you, that your soul mate is lurking around the corner and you will find him/her when it is the right time. You reach a point in time when you do find that special someone, take the leap and decide to get married.

Whether it is an arranged marriage or a love marriage, your sleepless nights have just begun, after all the long ‘To-Do list’ and getting everything in order can keep anyone up at nights. Some are lucky, and have the luxury of hiring a wedding planner- just give him/her what you need and then it is all his/her headache.

monetary reason or just because you are a control freak who wants to ensure that everything is perfect to the T then here are the basic things you need to start looking at and start preparing towards-

  • Basic, yes, but you need to figure what your and your better half’s budgets are. This is very important and the deciding factor for what can and what cannot be done
  • Prepare your guest list. You need to have a headcount on how many people are going to celebrating your special day with you and who needs to be excluded
  • Try asking your friends who have already tied the knot to hook you up with vendors they already know, who can get you sorted with everything you need at reasonable prices and rates
  • Of course, once you have the details of the vendors and before you act on it, you need to book the date and venue for the wedding. A word of advice- book your dream location way in advance. It can be really heartbreaking when you cannot have the most special day of your life in a place you want, just because you did not book it on time.

Once these basic things are in place, the real madness begins-Researching and calling the florists, the food caterers, the photographers, the band & entertainment at the wedding, depending on what faith you follow- the Priest or the Pandit or the court, the dress, the gifts, the honeymoon destinations and the bookings for the same, booking rooms and transport for the guests- friends & relatives and so many other little details that have to be taken care of way in advance before the day of the wedding.

As you draw closer to the wedding date, you need to get the invites prepared. Schedule hair and make-up artists, choose the music and all these little details that will make the most beautiful day of your life flawless and smooth.

If you are getting married in the UAE, Etisalat’s Yellow pages can hook you up with all the contact details you may need – The wedding caterers in UAE, Florists in UAERestaurants, and Venues in UAE more or less everything you need to plan and execute that dream wedding of yours. You can also find catering services under Party catering services.

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